Preproduction Consultation and Research

So what is an Internet Design Consultant and how long is a piece of string? What we define as our 'Consultancy service' is in plain English, the provision of informed advise. A guided tour through the myriad of potential pitfalls.

As an independent design house, we are not solely affiliated to any single ISP, or host. Consequently, we are well placed to advise on the appropriate means of achieving the desired results without bias.

Pre-Production Tips:
1. Research and Planning
understand the browsing/consumption preferences of your potential users utilize the right technology for the purpose in hand (consider: functionality, usage monitoring, search engine placement, content update, and 'futurability') plan appropriate navigational and information architectural structures implement holistic branding across all media.

2. Why do you need a web site
You'd be amazed at the number of companies who really don't know the answer to this question. Know what you intend to achieve-Know the amount you intend to spend to achieve it- A budget in a cage. Many .com failures have either blown their budgets on media campaigns at the expense of the site itself, or lavished inappropriate excess on their sites with only a passing thought for the user.

Creating a successful presence on the web is like walking the 'high wire', balance is everything.

1. Consultation
2. Project Proposal
3. Design Interview
4. Design Production & Revisions
5. Format Content & Add Scripts
6. First Draft Proofing & Revisions
7. Site Launch
Production Design and Development
Post Production
Site Management
Maintenance and Support

Pricing Plans

Just as each web site design is different, the cost of the website will be different. The cost will depend on the requirements of your website. For example do you need an informational website? Do you plan to sell products or services? Will you site require any web programming such as PHP, MYSQL, etc. Do you want Adobe Flash to be used in your website project? Factors like these must be taken into account when preparing a quote for your web site design project. To give you an idea of what a website design from Webdesignz.net will cost, the following rates are available for a static html website design.


**A detailed designed main page including an additional 3 pages. 4 images on each page if desired. Submission to the Major Search Engines, site map, contact form, and gallery. Hosting on Webdesignz's server for one year. Starting Price $500 with contract

**A detailed designed business site including 10 pages. 10 images on each page or a total of 100 images per site if desired. . Submission to the Major Search Engines. business cart, site map, gallery, business contact form, Site consultation, 2 hours. Assistance with setting up your Hosting and tranferring your domain to your Hosting Service or Webdesignz hosting for a year. Starting Price $725 with contract.


**Personal consultation


  • Additional images,$.50 each without editing.
  • Additonal Pages, $30.00 each depending on content needed
  • Logos depending on dimensions and details. Starting at $75.00 each
  • Image Slide Shows starting at $75.00 each depending on how many images.
  • Banners depending on dimensions and details. Starting at $75.00 each.
  • Flyer designs start at $100.00 each. Printing and Shipping additional charges.
  • Business cards start at $45.00 per 250 (Black and White)

**Prices deem to change depending on services rendered.